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Are YOU plagued by any of these problems when losing weight?

Do you lack the time and energy to exercise at the gym every day, just to lose weight – and wish you could avoid all that sweating?
Do you get confused by all the conflicting and boring diet advice – and want to eat normal food?
Do you dread the painful hunger from restricting your eating – and want to not go hungry?

“I’m experiencing slow, steady weight loss and I feel great!
I think that I’ll keep it off this time.”
Lisa A.


Free yourself from these hard ways to lose weight!

  • Working out at the gym is tiring and time consuming 
    Sweating for long periods at the gym takes time and energy that you do not have.  Family and work demand all your time.  You can lose weight without all that sweating and exhaustion.
  • There are so many different and weird diets out there
    Everyone seems to have a new “miracle” diet that involves some weird eating program.  You get confused as to what to believe.  How do you know what is healthy for you and gets results.  Leave all the strange miracle diets behind.
  • Hunger and Cravings are no fun
    We all hate to be hungry.  Resisting cravings wears down your willpower, and you give in to overeating the very foods that you are trying restrict.  Reduce your hunger and cravings.

Get the all natural health supplement that can make losing weight easier!


Imagine what losing that weight will make possible…

  • You will be able to wear those slimmer clothes you always wanted to wear.
  • You have more energy on vacation, play sports, and enjoy life.
  • Your health will be dramatically improved, leading to a longer life.

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You can accomplish all this with a 100% natural health supplement.

This plant extract is the marvelous health supplement on the market that can help you overcome your problems with losing weight. Even better, it is 100% natural, so you are not taking some bizarre laboratory substance with whatever side effects. It is Nature’s assistance, provided by Nurturing Planet to help you with your healthy weight loss.

Taken from the rind of fruit found in India, it has been used in human medicine for thousands of years. This amazing fruit is even used in cooking, as an ingredient in some curries. With such a long history of human consumption, this remarkable natural product’s safety is well established.

Modern health professionals are now starting to recognize its super abilities. Pre-imminant doctors, such as Dr Oz, laud this ancient plant’s remarkable ability to do so many positive effects on weight loss.

“This is the best fat fighting miracle that you can get!”
 Dr Oz, Head of Surgery at Chicago Medical Center

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Imagine having a super safe supplement that can:

  • Make you happier while losing weight by boosting your serotonin levels
  • Cut down on your cravings by making your brain think you have had enough to eat
  • Block the storage of fat by blocking the liver enzyme needed to store fat
  • Increase your energy levels by moving energy into your muscles
  • Improve your health by potentially reducing the most dangerous fat around your organs
  • Make any diet or exercise that you are doing more effective
  • Keep off the weight that you have lost.


Get the ALL NATURAL fat loss product that will help you:

  • Happy Girl with TapeControl cravings,
  • Lose fat
  • Regain health
  • Be happier
  • Keep off the weight
  • Have more energy

Yes, I want all these benefits NOW!


This Super Fat Fighter is the fruit Garcinia Cambogia.

This fantastic weight loss aid is taken from the rind of the gummi-gutta fruit found in India.  It is often know as the Tamarind fruit, and its sour properties are prized in Indian cuisine.  With our encapsulating process, though, you will not have to taste the “sour” effects.

It is prized for more that just its use in cooking.  Indian medicine has recognized Garcinia Cambogia  for its aid in appetite control for millennium.  Its safety for use by humans has been well documented.


Why is this natural product so great for weight loss?

Scientists find that it is an excellent source of HCA, a miracle compound that encourages conversion of fat into energy. By taking the Garcinia Cambogia, you actually get the special HCA in it natural form. All the natural compounds that nature included in the original fruit are there to help your body make use of the HCA contained in it.


YOU will want our “Extra Strength” formulation…

Nurturing Planet is offering our “Extra Strength Garcinia Cambogia” as a great way to get the wonderful benefits of this wonderful fruit extract. It is called “Extra Strength” because it is 60% HCA instead of the more common 50% of other brands. We are Nurturing Planet is committed to bringing you some of the best natural substances that our planet offers, and Garcinia Cambogia is one of the best for weight control.

Manufactured to the Highest American Standards for Safety

To insure that you get this wonderful nature product in a safe form, we manufacture it in an American GMP rated facility. That means that our production area is inspected by the Good Manufacturing Practices certification group, an independent organization that is a standard in the food processing industry. And you read that right. Though the raw materials are from overseas, the product itself is “Made and Certified in the US of A”.

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Our Extra Strength Garcinia Cambogia contains:

  • Garcinia Cambogia natural fruit extract
  • A small amount of Potassium and Calcium salts to aid absorption.
  • A small amount of Chromium to aid energy conversion.

That’s it. No bizarre laboratory substances, just simple natural ingredients.


YOU get a Exceptional Value from our product

Extra Strength Garcinia Cambogia is packed with 180 capsules of natural fat fighting fruit extract. This gives you 90 complete servings per month to pursue your weight fighting goals. Slashed from the retail price of $79.00, we give you a great discount to make sure that you can get started using it right away to accomplish that trim body you want.

“I’ve lost 1.5 lbs so far. Dr. Oz said to only expect 4 to 5 pounds of fat loss a month. Plus, based on his show, I would expect to lose a dress size first, as it is a fat burner. I plan to look really good after I lose a size.”
– A. M.

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Your Purchase Guaranteed with Our Exclusive 30 Day No Risk, No Hassle Guarantee!

We stand behind our product. If you are not completely happy with our Extra Strength Garcinia Cambogia after 30 days of taking it, then send it back to us! We will gladly refund your money.

Warning – Limited Supply!

Our ability to get this Extra Strength version is somewhat limited.  Don’t be the one that leaves empty handed…  Get it now before we run out of stock!


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