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Our First Animated Commerical! – Ballmer Resigns Microsoft

This is a little tongue in cheek, but it does show how to lead with a popular story (in the IT and Investing communities) and bridge to product promotion.

Background for all of you that don’t know about Steve Ballmer.  He is the current head of Microsoft.  Rightly or wrongly, he has been called all sorts of names for a lot of things that he has done.  Many people are rejoicing to see him resign.  This includes my 2 friends referenced in the video, Mark and Bo. Hence, the story.

The bridge phrase to our most popular product is about “getting rid of the fat”.  Many consider Ballmer excess weight at this point in Microsoft’s journey to reinvent itself. Our Nurturing Planet Extra Strength Garcinia Cambogia will help you do the same for reshaping your own body.

Enjoy and feel free to comment below.