About Us

Who Are We?

Nurturing Planet was started by Kenny Edwards after years of personal struggle with weight loss and his desire to help others get to their healthy weight.

He has tried most of the diets out there (but never that caveman diet), and taken quite a few supplements over the years.  He does recognize that weight loss needs to be healthy, slow, and natural, and wants to bring the best information and products together for ya’ll to see.

He believes that nutraceuticals (wonderful compounds provided by our planet) along with some personal discipline is the best way to get to that.  Losing weight is not enough; it has to be done healthy.

Why Did We Exist?

Good Lord!  There is so many reasons why we started this website.  Here are a few of the more important ones.

        • Provide a place on the web with good educational content about healthy living

There is soooo much misleading information and marketing speak out there.  Just about every dieter is confused about what to do, what to eat, and what activity will help.  We will present what we know to be valid information, along with any promising research we run across.

  • Fight the ever increasing problem of obesity

Goodness Gracious!  The percent of obese people in the US has been going up all the time.  And lately, the World has joined the US in adding on the unhealthy pounds.  Any info and encouragement that we can provide to get people to actually do serious fat reduction is good karma.  We want to make the World a better, and healthier, place.

  • Promote healthy body weight

Do you know what your healthy weight is?  It is just more than a number on the scale; it has to do with fat, muscle, bone, and water ratios.  And the location of the fat is also important.  Is your fat more “innie” or “outie”.  We want to education on this issue about the dangers of “innie”, or inter-organ fat.

  • Provide only the best and safest natural products to aid your pursuit of healthy weight

Hype marketing and magic pills are everywhere.  What should you buy and what is just plain quackery?  Whose formula and directions are correct?  Some of the stuff on the market is actually good, and can be helpful for restructuring your body to your healthy weight.  We will bring you both our own brand of helpful natural products, as well as offer other products we believe will help you meet your desired goal.

 So, that is the brief discussion about who we are and why we exist.  If you need more, get in touch with us by email at media AT nurturingplanet.com or by phone at 1.855.639.9269.  We are always willing to chat.

What’s with That Logo?Nurturing Planet Globe

The logo with all the colorful sections?  Oh, that is easy.

The planet is full of rich colorful vegetables and fruits to provide those nutraceuticals for maintaining and improving your health.  So, we chose a colorful living planet as the center of our brand because everything we sell and recommend is grown on it.